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All Prices Subject To Additional $50 per hour Charge Based On Condition Of Vehicle Upon Arrival. Special Pricing Also Applies To High End/Exotic Vehicles

Silver Package - $50 Car - $75 SUV/Truck/Van

Gold Package - $150 Car - $185 SUV/Truck/Van

Platinum Package - $225 Car - $255 SUV/Truck/Van

Interior Only - $120 Car - $150 SUV/Truck/Van

Includes Complimentary Exterior Wash

Exterior Only - $120 Car - $150 SUV/Truck/Van

Includes Complimentary Vacuum

Automotive Paint Correction

We Are Pleased To Offer A State Of The Art Paint Correction System


Meguiars Microfiber Correction System removes swirls, scratches, and other blemishes and finishes with a coating of glossy protection. We can bring back that new car shine and it won’t break the bank!

$100 per hour **Most vehicles take 2-3 hours to complete** Includes complimentary dust and vacuum of interior